1. Start from the beginning.

Does it seem too obvious? Maybe, but it’s not that simple to put in practice. Write down all of your ideas and arrange a plan to make them real. Make up schedules to work on your dream, for example, 2 hours, 3 times a week. Don’t try to do more than you can, after all, you still have a job that takes up most of your day and you need to rest too.

  1. Don’t let stress or anxiety take over your mind.

Yes, it’s possible to do both things at the beginning, you just have to be organized and commit to the tasks you’ve come up with. I used to work by shifts or on the weekends and in the first years, I managed to balance everything. There will be hard times, but don’t lose focus and be persistent.

  1. Things just don’t happen overnight.

Before selling something you’ll have create your community first. Through a blog or a website (plus Facebook or Instagram) share content that might offer solutions for your target clients’ problems.  Then, when you create a product to sell you already have a community that trusts on the quality of your work. And yes, it takes patience, persistence and consistency. Define one day per week to post your articles and don’t miss a single one. Plan ahead. During the first months of my blog, almost no one read my posts but I never gave up!

  1. Save some money.

Start a piggy bank.
Being a freelancer is like living in uncertainty, it is important that you count on unforeseen events or months that are not too good.
Save what you can, if you manage to save 5€ to 10€ per week it’s already a start, right?

  1. When you start having PAYING clients:
  • It is probably that in the beginning, you might do some collaboration that will help you to spread your brand. Evaluate every single business offer. These offers won’t make you any real money and will take a chunk of your time and tools, so make sure you read the fine print before saying yes in order to avoid any mistakes. This person has to contribute in bringing you the right audience.

  • For PAYING clients. Create an excel file with all the income and outcome of your new business. Do a monthly balance to estimate your possible salary. At the end of the year determine your net income and divide it by 14 months, so you’ll have a more realistic vision. This process is different for each one of us and it depends on several factors, I’ve kept my two jobs for three years. There are people who keep it for less or more time.

  • When your business reaches financial stability and you can get a regular salary that’s comfortable for you, start planning the big change. You’re ready to live your dream to the fullest. From now on YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS.No one said being a freelancer was easy, but if we do what we love it’s always worth it. From now on you’ll have to be even more structured and organized. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU AND THE WAY YOU PUT YOURSELF OUT AND WORK ON YOUR PASSION.

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