Let´s make magic together!

In your day, the most important thing for me is you to be relaxed and enjoy the moment. Be genuine. I promise to eternize the smiles and the cuddles with all my heart.

The photoshoot will take place somewhere you find special for you or I can suggest some options. Early in the morning or before the sunset are the best times for our shoot because I love to play with natural light and its flares.

In Love: Being in love is the best thing on earth, right? I want you to be you, to celebrate your love just the way it is without being afraid of what others think. Every love story is unique. If you aren´t afraid to show your love and have a free & wild soul I´m absolutely with you and I´m pretty excited about the amazing story we can eternize together!

Love Yourself: This shoot is about women beauty, that kind of beauty that starts inside and reflects outside. Not the ordinary magazine beauty. I believe every girl is beautiful in her own unique and special way. This is the best gift you can offer to yourself, I´m sure you´ll feel more confident.

Wedding: This will be THE DAY. One of the most important ever. I would love to eternize your special day with you  and maybe with your special people too! Let´s make some magic together in your dreamday.

Do you have anydoubt? Want to book your shoot?

I´ll be very happy tohelp you! Let´s talk!


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